Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What makes an organization intelligent?

A question that I have constantly thought about is what makes individuals intelligent , humans intelligent …. “Understanding intelligence” is a quest that has driven humankind for centuries. But what about Organizational and Enterprise Intelligence ?

What makes an organization ‘intelligent’?

Organizations do two things; they run and they make decisions. It doesn’t matter what industry they’re in or what their size is… running and making decisions are fundamental to every enterprise.

The economic turbulence and resulting uncertainty in today’s environment has forced them to re-evaluate the way they do both.

They are now looking for ways to drive innovative solutions to capture opportunities when they occur, while not adding cost. They need to be smarter in today’s slow-growth phase in developed economies, while ensuring they capture the high-growth emerging markets for future success.
This combination of forces at play in this volatile environment is really forcing organizations to become smarter, find ways to grow revenue and capture new market share, while ensuring they don’t increase capacity themselves and instead build an ecosystem of partnerships.

So how does a high-performing organization differentiate itself? They build the ability to anticipate needs, have the dexterity to adapt to change and the spirit to innovate. They are effective in diverse markets and are alert to evolving stakeholder requirements. They are intelligent.

So what makes an organization intelligent? In working with a bunch of high-performing, successful organizations that have adapted themselves to today’s environment, here are 4 attributes that are common to all.

They are Globally Effective. They are able to address different markets and run equally well anywhere in the world. And they deliver better outcomes for themselves and for their customers !!

They are Connected. They pick up needs faster and use all the tools and technology available to build insights faster. They connect the dots across the enterprise and ecosystem faster and build cost effective relationships faster.

They are Innovative. They find novel ways to address both opportunity and uncertainty for competitive advantage using all the knowledge gathered through being connected.
And finally, they are Adaptive. They respond to change with agility. In fact, they thrive on change... they want change!! Because they know they outcompete with others when change is needed.

And therefore, organizations that are intelligent and are able to leverage their ecosystem of partners are the ones who dramatically improve the way they run and take smarter decisions !!


  1. Tiger, these words are so simple yet very powerful. Having worked in genpact and having had the privelege to interact professionally with you on quite a few occassions....must say genpact over the years has differentiated itself and has clearly imbibed these values.

  2. Hi Tiger
    My name is Prashant working as a software developer.I have done B.Tech in computers from a good college.
    I would like to say my opinion on this-
    I have also participated in a contest on facebook run by GENPACT "proud to be GENPACT because............."
    G-Good feel factor
    E-Enthusiasm in the team
    N-No politics in the team
    P-Performance gives recognition
    A-Action should be recognised by others
    C-Chance to descover
    T-Team fun
    It was highest like,and 271 people like this.
    Above mentioned properties should be managed and achieved on the ground level.
    GENPACT in which i work, i want to see it in the sky touching all the sectors and business.
    We can do it.We have potential and spirit and culture as well as organizational intelligence to achieve huge success and become number 1.
    There was a time when i was considered an average perfomer and my lead was not happy with me.i was thinking to quit the company but my manager had given me opportunity to bat on the pitch when pitch was good and now i am performing in the bad pitch also. Therefore a person like me become more intelligent.
    A person who is considered to be an average or low performer in coding or anything else actually can be increased if a lead or manager give him chance and responsibility . like if a manager says you have potential and you can do. it means giving him chance to perform makes intelegence for an individual as well as for an organization.But organization do this on low priority and hire a person who has no functional knowledge from outside on double salary.
    Myth-A person/individual leave an organization for salary->Low percentage.
    True-A person/individual leave an organization because of disrespect-High percentage
    i would like to cite an example here-in cricket if a new player(batsman) comes in indian team and in the first 3-4 matches,unfortunately he plays against stronger team and fastest bowler and could not make runs.it does not mean that he is not a good player.He is a good player but he did not get a chance to play.
    Organization should work on attrition.talents should be retained.it will make an organization intellegence.
    Why we are ignoring voice of our employees who have been a part of our success and failure.
    An individual can be more smarter and more intelligent if he gets freedom to do a work in his own ways and he knows that his work is very important for an organization and there is responsibility on his shoilder.
    A Human always wants belief,trust,responsibility,respect which makes him feel good.

    Prashant Kumar

  3. Nice to read your views. I do not have of much insight into an IT Sector but surely appreciate, that you have time for blogging. I have interacted with people, who profess to be highly intellectual but consider blogging 'a waste'. However yours is of different level and in no way can connect with my profile but I sincerely appreciate.

  4. Thanks Sir for sharing your views - Lead by example

    1. Hi Tiger, While I really appreciate the views you have put forth I would re-iterate the fact the it still the people who from the team make all the difference and help the organization run and make decisions intelligently. On Prashant's citing I would like to quote that the management at all levels should always avoid judging a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, else it would live all it's life thinking it is stupid.

      The common goals can only be achieved if there is a focused team effort; an earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something while working on the same ethos and principals.

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  7. Hi, my name is javed
    Thanks Sir for sharing your views - Lead by example
    "proud to be GENPACT because............."
    G-Good feel factor
    E-Enthusiasm in the team
    N-No politics in the team
    P-Performance gives recognition
    A-Action should be recognized by others
    C-Chance to discover
    T-Team fun