Thursday, April 26, 2012

Like, Love, Own

The Facebook ‘Like’ button modernized the way we endorse brands and now a Minneapolis-based 'social shopping' company is seeking to add icons like “want”, “love” “own” etc. to FB, taking PDA (public display of affection) of the marketing kind to a whole new level !!

Is this propagating laziness amongst consumers… who knows (and we'll probably hear enough debate on this in the coming weeks) but for the time being I wanted to share a comparatively more laborious exercise that we did at the company I work in … to tell the world what we 'like' about it... in words.

With FB clearly emerging as one of the more efficient ways to tap into the talent pool out there (we aggressively use it to recruit), we asked employees to post in less than 200 characters what they “like” about us on our official FB a way to tell potential recruits what they can expect when they join us.

It worked quite well with interesting "value propositions" coming out from various employee groups. The big things that jumped out at us from the 200 posts with 1900 likes and several emails (for the social-media shy) we got were…Plenty of learning & growth opportunities; Great work culture with flexible timings, safe & secure environment, friendly & approachable leadership; Employee centric company with friendly policies, respect for and values employees, has faith in them; Unyielding integrity with a strong hold on values.

I couldn’t agree more!! But I do have a few of my own personal “likes” …Undying passion for everything we do, action-oriented-execution-driven-never-say-die attitude; risk-taking abilities, and finally our completely boundary-less approach to work. These are the things that drive and energize me every single day.

So in less than 48 hours we had pulsed our global organization of over 55,000 employees across 20 countries to be able to make meaningful conclusions with actions... that's the power of the world we live in today!


  1. Nicely said..These along with Stragetically placed long term planning and customer centric cold turkey approach has made Genpact the number One in it's industry.


    Rachit Chawla

    VFS Global

  2. cold turkey approach?

  3. Totally agree with your words Sir, but there is a small suggestion from my side:
    In terms of recruitment we seriously need a revision and expansion of our current hiring system, though it is considered best in class but there are some serious issues which i would unlikely point out:
    1) Many times, HRs from store fronts doesn't even get line as the no of assessors is pretty less in comparison of candidates to be assessed.

    2) What's the significance of PHO call? that means we neither trust our HRs nor the assessors...

    there are a lot more things but as of now i would like you to do an assessment of the current hiring system....

    and at last i am sorry for saying all these, but as of now we are 2nd best company in India to work for, and I want GENPACT to become the best, for that we need a revolution.....

    M :)

  4. well said sir!! When one wake up in morning and he doesnt have passion for his work there is no point going for it. And the social network for todays youth is not only about PDA but also about getting recognition and displaying their talents and passions to others, Who know wt pottential opportunity lies in hs powerful interconnected world

  5. well said sir! Todays youth nt only want to have PDA but also sense of recognition and opportunity he sees in the social world which he might not be able to display in real world. Genpacts ths effort is appreciable but their should also be some carfullness regarding the identification of pottential employees as employees and talent acquistion is the main pillar on which an organisation stands

  6. Hi Tiger,

    Very well said, the beauty is to do strategic marketing by just hitting like button.

    Kind Regards,
    Nishant Vij

  7. Sir,

    Does companies have a 'Social' component?
    I am always very curious to understand how they looks at Social Media, especially from talent acquisition glasses.

  8. Hi Tiger- Where are ur blogs? Waitin for next one in June!

  9. It actually sounds a big task to do! Because be it facebook's like or google's +1, they have just given one more option to users of "not thinking" what they feel!!
    Giving words to what a person feel or interprets or likes is really a tough task. Maybe much more tougher than applying some models and stats! :P
    Further, having such motivated employees (more than 200 posts!!) is yet another achievement for management (unless employees were made to write at gunpoint!! :P)


  10. iam strongly agree with your statement.But today scenario is totally different past decade. Today every senior denominate our subordinate he treat his subordinate like a servant.


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  12. This is in reply to the anonymous comment posted on May 11 regarding improvement opportunities in the hiring process. Hi, I am Nitin Bhat and I lead recruitment for Genpact.

    First of all, thank you for your feedback and wanting to make Genpact an employer of choice.

    We are taking numerous steps to reduce wait time of candidates during the hiring process. This includes numerous technology interventions that automate testing, video chat, as well as setting up of a central assessment cell for voice assessment.

    The intent of the PHO is to provide a selected candidate a realistic picture of what it will be like to work at Genpact. They actually see the process they are going to join in action. This ensures that the candidate comes in with realistic and right expectations. The candidate then decides whether he/she wants to join Genpact. The intention of PHO is not to double-guess recruiters or other interviewers who selected the candidate upstream.