Friday, March 12, 2010

The Power of Human Connect

Even as I write my own blog, check my facebook profile for messages and review the enterprise collaboration strategy for the company I work for, not for a moment do I stop believing in the power of human connect and the power of building personal relationships -- which was evident from the energy I felt at a recently-concluded annual customer - leadership meet that Genpact organizes every year.

We invite some of our customers and top leadership to get away for a couple of days of hardcore networking, strategizing and..partying! While the days consist mainly of business presentations and sharing of best practices, the evenings are filled with good old fashioned drinking, name it!

I often meet these people (both customers and employees) at meetings but nothing beats the energy and connect one feels when you put people together in an informal setting...agreeing..fighting..debating...and partying. So sorry Cisco and HP..if you think your virtually-connected world is going to take over, it won't. No matter how evolved we get technologically, it will always be about getting people together..building relationships..working and playing together. And if you were an airline company, you'd say thank god for that!


  1. Profoundly important message yet wreaking of plain, simple common sense. Been working for your Org for the last 8.5 Yrs, toasted to many a party, sulked and baulked about delayed promotion letters but yet managed to see light at the end of the tunnel. It was that Business Today edition from back in Nov 2000/2001?? Was it- with a grinning ear-to-ear pic of Scott Bayman on the cover proclaiming GE India - road to $1 Billion. Read the detailed article on the inside about GE Capital International Services with a picture of you leaning against a cubicle, that brought me 600 kms down south from my hometown in Maharashtra. Moved across 4 businesses in these years - never a dull moment. Cheers

  2. very well said "Anonymous" , I still remember the article and photograph you are talking about .... never a dull moment is an apt description !! I can see that you love every moment of the ups and down !! ...all the very best

  3. Very Truly said... I believe the same,nothing can match the human power of human connect.

  4. Everything goes back to people .......