Friday, March 12, 2010

NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2010

Last month I was in Mumbai for the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum. Billed as Asia's Most Awaited Leadership Conference, it was a powerful platform that brought together over 150 organizations - both big and small from around the world. But from all the key messages that one took away, the one that was the most powerful was the one that wasn't even stated -- the industry has expanded far beyond India.

The game has grown exponentially and the international flavor of the conference was evident and refreshing - over twenty different countries had delegations present. It wasn't just the usual suspects from Europe, Americas etc who made their presence felt -- the conference was as much about a Poland or an Egypt as it was about an India. The undercurrent clearly had moved away from "the recession is over and its business as usual" to the changing way services will be sold in the future and that the newer players are entering and transforming the industry.

On a separate note, another thing I found pretty impressive was the slickness of the conference and quality of presentations etc. The fact that they had significant social media presence with their own blog and twitter page only helped!

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  1. I guess the fear of recession will always remain as a lesson.Atleast till IT passes few more stable years.