Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Let's Do It Delhi " what an Energizing 3 hours

I just returned after participating in what i thought was one of the most awesome 3 hours .... as part of a group of 800 of us from Genpact who gathered outside Qutub Minar in Delhi and cleaned up the whole area !!

It showed the true "power of many " all concentrated and focused on a single goal ...clean the place up

We had the Delhi Municipal Officials , the Archeological Society of India (that oversees the Qutub Minar area ) and the Delhi Waste Management Team all be there to help. Who says these things don't happen in India and that there is apathy ?

The group showed what doing instead of being indifferent can mean.... imagine now if this is replicated every weekend , in 100s of places , in scores of cities and localities ....what a transformation it will create

and most importantly every one who participates will change ...will become more responsible in their own lives ....we wont need these at some point in the future

But for now we will do many more of these for sure


  1. thanks tyagarajan, this initiative has to start & it will create transformation.......

  2. Great initiative by Genpact. Hope many other follow

  3. Great to hear of corporates being involved in such stuff. That is fantastic. I hope that other organisations also do the same as there is so much to clean in Delhi.

    Here's to the "power of many" being used in constructive fashion...what better than cleaning the city!

  4. Am proud to be a genpact-ian. Narasimha Rao.S

  5. Tremendous job…. But why this can’t be implemented in other cities. I stay in Hyderabad and even I want to start and participate in such healthy programme, but the only thing which bothers is “If Tiger just sends an email from his mail box to Genpact Hyderabad branch almost everyone will be ready to participate but if at all I take an initiative and request people for the same thing it doesn’t work”.
    Even doing a good thing and making the people do the same requires a good position in the society , Sir I request you to take such initiatives every year at least once , which will provoke and pass this culture in other industries in India which will bring lots of difference in the individuals and individuals behavior and there thinking.

  6. Good Job Genpact.